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How Do I Prepare for #data16?

So you’ve taken the plunge and are going to the Tableau Conference. Everyone talks about how amazing it is and how many people you’ll meet… so how do we make sure you’re going to have an awesome time in Austin?

I’ve already gone into the future and video recorded how I’ll be on the plane.


I’m asking Jonathan Drummey, Paul Chapman and Carl Allchin on the Tableau Wannabe Podcast how I can make this happen.

A couple questions come to mind:

Who are the best speakers to watch? 
Lots of people have told me that this is one of the best ways to pick sessions. Who’s on your list?

What events are “can’t miss”? Which ones are “meh”?
We only have a couple days! Don’t want to be left out of a session that everyone is buzzing about!

All the Tableau sessions are recorded? Any value in going to them anyways?
Realistically, do you actually go back to watch them?

According to Paul Chapman, we should do test runs of our conference plans?
Overkill or necessary?

How organized do you need to be about this conference?
Based on the blogs I’m reading, it seems I should have almost every minute planned!

What are some recommended sessions for Tableau Developers? Server Specialists? Biz Folk?

What’s the best swag you’ve ever gotten at the Tableau conference?
Which reminds me that I gotta get moving on my Spotify vi

Got questions?

Let me know by Oct 27, 2015 9PM BST and I’ll get it into our podcast!


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