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How to Draw a Circle in Tableau

I got a question from Sarah in the Tableau Community on how to draw a circle. I know this has been done before .. but the results for this on the community have come across a bit confusing for me.

Sometimes, there’s just too much brilliance in the Tableau community for my mind to absorb.

For those who just want to draw a circle on their viz, this is for you.

2 thoughts to “How to Draw a Circle in Tableau”

  1. thanks!
    I was reading the various blog posts and instructions by Tableau experts and got lost in the dense clutter of information. This helps a lot in ‘getting stuff done’

    Once we have created a circle around a specific location (Lat/Long) how can we then plot more points ‘within’ this circle? Lets say if we have the locations of shops in another sheet and wanted to draw a 4km circle around the centre of a town and then show the locations of the shops within this circle, does it require a lot of wizardry ?


  2. Is there any way to do this dynamically? For instance if I already have a dataset, a list of rows with longitude, latitude and radius, how would this look different?

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