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Market Basket Analysis Tableau – How To Find Products to Cross Sell Together

Say for instance you’re in the business of selling bookcases– but in the basket, what should be sold together to promote cross selling?

Lets show you how it can be done with Superstore data!

Step 1: Identify which orders contain the product, category etc which fit your criteria.


Step 2: Use this as an identifier against the whole order.

We can do this with an easy level of detail calculation! We are essentially isolating to each order OrderID (since its fixed to this in the calc) then checking against which is the max value. Since any string value is inherently larger than nothing (the null value), it will return the string and populate against each order ID.

Step 3: Place this new calculation on filters

This will bring back all orders where it contains bookcases. But it will also keep its accessory products!

From here its just about rearranging the view to find what other product categories are being sold with bookcases. Place a count distinct of order ID to columns with subcategory to rows.

The view below tells us that for the 224 orders that contain a bookcase sold, we also had 56 orders that sold at least 1 quantity of a binder.

But when I place profit onto color, this tells me that for the past bookcase orders, not only have 42 orders had a bookcase and a phone in the same basket. But I’ve also made a nice profit of $2,687 from customers buying these items together! This is probably important as we are not making a profit from Bookcases!

Interested in the workbook? Check it out on Tableau Public!

Thanks for reading!


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