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Data Plus Women – July 2016

Great event. Look at that turnout!

Full house y'all! Full house y’all!

Key Takeaways

– Lots of people showed up – men and women! Also many new faces to the Tableau and Data community alike.

– Great speakers from The Information Lab‘s Data School and  Schroders.

– Learning about out of the box methods to apply data in the real world.

Kalpana Chari shared her Schroders hackathon creation Kalpana Chari shared her Schroders hackathon creation “Ada”, a Lync bot fed data through Tableau Server.

Kalpana from Schroders shared a fun piece of work that allows her investment teams become more agile with data. When she envisioned this was for the asset manager on the run, who quickly needed to pull a number, I was thinking… talk about solving a pain point!

She mentioned her inspiration stemmed from Andy Cotgreave’s charts in tooltips using ASCII characters. Funny enough, there’s been 2 articles released recently by Rody Zakovich and Jeffrey Schaffer recently about different ways to enhance your vizzes.

Questions from the audience were around how she’ll be able secure the data once its fully implemented. In her case, she’s deploying through Active Directory with Tableau Server– so as secure as her security architects have been able to make it. Kalpana put it in a rather interesting way – the system knows more about you than you do about the data!

Another question came up how long did it take for her to create this or learn how to do it. With no programming background, her answer was brilliant:

Get really good at knowing how to Google things.

Apparently a skill passed down from her manager. His response to questions was iterations of “here’s what you google”. Its quite a different task to being sent the “let me google that for you” link as it teaches people how to think about breaking down a problem. Fabulous skill in life and our data careers.

Lorna about to present her Krispee Kreme donuts viz. Lorna about to present her Krispee Kreme donuts viz.

Lorna Eden came down all the way from Warrington to present the design method in her fun viz on donuts. We also had Krispee Kreme donuts to go with it!

We also got a suggestion on Twitter as to whether or not we’ll periscope the events. We’ll try for next time!

Data + Women London has made great progress – we’re in the midst of confirming our next meetup for September 1st with Sky.  We’ve confirmed our 1st speaker – Alexandra Hanna will be presenting how JISC+HESA are joining forces to unleash BI in their organization. Must attend for those in Higher Education!

Any questions or suggestions, tweet us at our new twitter account @datawomenldn.

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